Prospective Students “Meet and Greet” to Learn More about Graduate Degrees at Florida Tech Spaceport Location

The Department of Extended Studies in the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business offers a range of Master’s degrees at its Spaceport site located near Kennedy Space Center. Students can enroll in space systems, space systems management, MBA, project management, logistics management, and acquisition and contract management graduate degree programs.

Prospective students have an opportunity to learn more about these programs through “Meet and Greet” information sessions that are offered in a relaxing, social setting. A well-attended Meet and Greet was held on October 26th at King’s Duck Inn in Merritt Island, Florida. Prospective students meet one-on-one with Dr. Ralph Harper, Spaceport Site Director to learn more about graduate studies at Florida Tech’s offsite location. They also had an opportunity to visit with Florida Tech alumni,administration, faculty, and students.

Dr. Harper shared information about a partnership between Florida Tech Spaceport and Brevard Workforce via the Aerospace Workforce Transition program. Qualified students may receive funding support in pursuit of a graduate certificate in: business management, contract management, quality management, information systems management, logistics, and transporation management, among others. (Check out Florida Tech’s Web page for a full listing of Master’s degrees and graduate certificate programs offer through the Spaceport facility:

Dr. Harper also explained to prospective students the option for part-time studies at the Spaceport location as a means to build professional and technical competence. During the Meet and Greet, faculty and current students discussed how the Spaceport site meets the educational needs of working professionals.

Dr. Harper and Ms. Anderson

For more information, please contact:

Sharon Anderson, Resident Administrator, email:

Ralph Harper, D.B.A., Professor and Site Director, email:


(Shown in the picture above is Alan Ostendorp — Space Systems Adjunct Faculty;  Robert Driscole –  Space Systems student beginning spring 2012 term; and  Donald Platt – Program Coordinator for the Space Systems Program.)


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