X-Culture: A Capstone Experience

Guest Blogger: Donald Swade, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

The importance of international cooperation cannot be stressed enough. Florida Tech has taught me well in that regard. I’ve been taught by international professors and worked with international students. I had a great time when, through FIT, I studied abroad at Oxford, England. One of the major projects I did there was to create a business proposal. Two years later, I sit in class and I’m told that I’m going to work with an international team in order to make a business proposal. It would be foolish to say that Florida Tech didn’t prepare me for this. In fact, it seems as though every class and experience I’ve ever had freshman to senior year has prepared me for these major final projects as I near graduation. This project sounds like a perfect capstone for my Florida Tech experience. I look forward to it.


The project has just started, and we’re already off to a great start. Within the first two days I’ve contacted each and every member in my group, and everyone’s cooperative and has something to say. We’ve jumped right into the project and have already begun discussing which company to choose for our report. I have a feeling we’ll be working well ahead of our deadlines.


Will there be issues? Probably. Will we overcome them? I’m confident that we can. Everything’s shaping together to suggest this will be a very positive experience for everyone involved


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