X-Culture: ALL IN

Guest Blogger: Rita Acevedo, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

The closer it gets to the due date for the X-Culture report, the more motivated I get to work on it and finish it. It’s been a really challenging project. Trying to get everybody on the same page it has been tough. I’ve been able to get along with the majority of my team members. There are two team members that I communicate constantly with. It seems we three are on the same page and work together very well. They are great teammates and I’m very happy of the work they have constantly put in the project.

When it came down to inform my teammates about the report sections and the format of it, I posted a status on Facebook and my teammates got involved right away. One member divided the workload evenly and each teammate ended up picking the section they were interested in. Because three of three sections were a lot of work, I ended up working with another teammate to complete it . I wasn’t very happy about it, because this teammate hasn’t done anything during in the project. I was willing to give it a chance and work together so we can finish our part. One day she texted me through WhatsApp to ask me if she can use short terms like wat for what and etc in the report. I was so shocked and mad about it. I just couldn’t believe that a person that is in college and that I’m pretty sure has written papers in class would even try to write like that on a project like this one. Even though I was mad, I made sure I didn’t disrespect her and I told her that the best way to write on this report was using the complete words.

I started on the sections that I’m suppose to do with another teammate. Since my teammate hasn’t really been involved throughout the project, I want to go ahead and start to make sure that the job gets done and my other teammates grades don’t suffer at the end of the project. It has been challenging to work on this project but at the same time it has been cool to see how other people from other countries think and work together. I’m ready to finish the project and be able to achieve a good grade on the report. This project have required me to be on my phone more than I already I’m, but I’ve been able to develop good communication skills, time management, be aware of deadlines and teamwork.


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