X-Culture: Finished At Last

Guest blogger: Daniel Hurst

The X culture project is finally over and I must say I couldn’t be happier.  It was an interesting prospect from the start and I wondered how it would work out and how any of us would even communicate with each other.  Turns out, the communication part was pretty easy.  We all had Facebook accounts and had knowledge about Google docs, so getting to know each other and passing along information was surprisingly easy.  The foreign students spoke and wrote in English fairly well and I was impressed with their communication.

The issues I ran into with this project came more from the group members themselves.  We ended up with five total members after all was said and done.  One was really helpful and involved.  One was helpful at times and nonexistent at others and two were useless to the group.  Overall, I think we did a decent job of putting the paper together and I enjoyed the work we did on the project.  While I was unfortunate with two group members, overall it was a good experience.  I think it was a microcosm of today’s work society.  While we may be able to communicate and work virtual across the globe, we still have to deal with differences in individual work ethics, work quality and personalities in general.

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