X-Culture: Finishing Touches

Guest Blogger: Kevin Bolhuis, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

As the X-Culture project is coming to an end, I realized I was probably luckier than some of the other people in my class. My group worked so well together, it was nothing I expected. I thought I was going to run into a lot of trouble with language barriers and troubles with getting things in on time. Our best way of communication was through Facebook and email. We had one person post the certain areas that we needed to hit in our papers. After that was posted everyone just picked two sections and we went back and forth on ideas for different sections. It was nice to be able to write what each of us researched and incorporating ideas that other group members had to offer. Every group member did what was asked and deadlines were met. We learned a couple of different things about Namibia and Nestle in doing our research that the average person wouldn’t know. First off, we chose to go into Namibia, I didn’t even know where that was at if someone gave me a map of the world. So the research was a good experience for everyone. I am looking forward to working with my team and making the finishing touches with my group

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