X-Culture: Making Progress

Guest Blogger: Paige Redmon, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student


At the beginning of the X-Culture experience, I was unsure what to expect and what communicating with my teammates would be like. I have traveled a lot, and was a little nervous when only one teammate was from a culture I was very familiar with. Two of my teammates have been quite organized, one from England and the other from Ghana. We created a Facebook group with most of our members but currently have only heard from 5 of 7.

After many vague emails and too many pleasantries, I directed the group to make a decision as to the company we would choose. We decided on Tesco fairly quickly, with our new product or service yet to be determined. Today a new member from Wales joined us, bringing great knowledge of Tesco and also having lived in South Africa for sometime in his life, which is the market we will most likely take Tesco. I am disappointed to not have heard from all of my teammates, and to only have full participation from three others. I am however excited with the progress we have thus far and how quickly we will be able to do a good job on our presentation. I look forward to the remainder of this project and hope for the minimum amount of stress possible.

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