X-Culture: Opportunity to Work with Students All Over the World

Guest Blogger: Jose Becerra, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Hello my name is Jose Becerra but everyone knows me by Tony. I was born in Havana Cuba and was given the life altering opportunity to come to the US when I was only seven. I speak fluent English and Spanish. I’m a senior Sport Management major, and I’m also in my last year of college baseball. Through my time here at FIT I have been exposed to many different experiences and to different cultures. I feel that being at Florida tech has given me an advantage in being able to communicate with different cultures. The opportunity to work with students from all over the world is great. Thanks to our advance technology and social networks, I believe that it won’t be difficult to communicate with each other. The only challenge I see is our time difference and being able to communicate efficiently and on time to get our jobs done.

From the beginning of our project me and my teammates have been in contact. We would first send group emails to introduce ourselves. After we got introduced I suggested that we could make it Facebook official and start getting in contact with each other through there. Laura made an X-Culture group so we could all have our inputs. I’ve tried to stay up to date with it but have found it kind of difficult because most of the things that are posted are during my practice times. Nicola gave the idea of using Innocent drinks as our business. We all pretty much liked the idea and believe that we can come up with great ideas to give the company the opportunity to expand. The group should try to set up times that work for everyone and we can have a group live chat where we share our thoughts, and if anyone is lost we can get them back on track. As of today I am happy with my team and hope to keep communicating efficiently as an entire group.


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