X-Culture Project: Establishing a Common Goal

My name is Giovana, I am a senior studying Information Systems and Business Administration at FIT. This semester I am in the International Business class with Mr. Muth, and one of out major projects is the X-Culture, in which we need to work with students from around the world.

The project is a clever idea that helps students to get ready for the real world interactions, especially if we end up working in a global company.

My group members are from Slovakia, South Korea, Turkey, United States, and myself from Brazil. Even though the culture of each member might vary from others, the common goal of this project will help the team overcome any differences. We are now in the process of choosing a company, later on we will propose the next big idea that will help the company expand, whether it is through product development or market development.

I am excited and I look forward to the project, and even if my team is not the winner, I will walk out with a great experience and knowledge.




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