X-Culture Project: I Don’t Know Anyone Else Doing Anything Like This

Guest Blogger: Matthew Devitto, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

When I first heard about the X-Culture Project I was very excited. I haven’t heard of any of my other friends from different universities doing anything like this. The chance to work with people from around the world is a truly unique and remarkable experience. When you consider how much international business is becoming the norm for companies, the chance to gain experience while in college is terrific. I look forward to the experience this will give me, and will hopefully be able to use it when I graduate and start my career.


I was worried at first about the how coordinating five different cultures with five different times zones would be but so far everyone of my teammates has been great. Almost immediately everyone responded with a friendly greeting, stating where they were from and a little about themselves. There haven’t been any problems trying to get a hold of anybody and everyone has willingly given input so far towards the company we want to choose.


I am excited to start getting into the project and see different perspectives on the same problem. I think it will give a good insight on how different cultures react and think to business problems.


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