X-Culture: Sold on the Project

Guest Blogger: Robert Gilbreth

At first I was a little hesitant about this whole X-Culture project. Between working full time and pursuing my MBA, my free time has come at a high price and the moment I discovered I would be participating in a group project that spanned multiple time zones and countless borders I was concerned to say the least. After what seemed to be a rocky start of nearly failed deadlines and sporadic group communications my hesitations about the X-Culture project compounded and I came to the assumption that this project would be mediocre at best and a burden on my already busy life.

Fortunately that all changed last night following my team’s first true group meeting. My teammates and I were able to spend a good amount of time discussing the project face to face over Google Hangouts. The experience was an absolute blast, it totally exceeded my expectations and helped solidify my group beyond a congregation of unwitting participants into a collective of friends working towards a common goal.

Although we still have a ways to go before we complete the assignment, last night’s interaction laid the foundation for what should become a productive and successful group project. We quickly overcame language barriers and time zones and unanimously settled on the topic of your project, the first step along a long road to success. Although the meet and greet lasted just under an hour, we have made significant headway getting to know each other personally while gauging each other’s skills and abilities. One of my teammates ecstatically teammate’s summed up the meeting with some optimistic words that certainly resonated well with me. I’m sold. I look forward to what X-Culture has to bring next!

About my Photo: I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the U.S. Army.  Although it wasn’t always the most enjoyable experience at times, my time in the Army as a Paratrooper following my undergraduate studies at Stonehill College shaped me into the person that I am today.  Moreover, I wouldn’t be here participating in this project if it wasn’t for the Army.   My service gave me the opportunity to get my MBA paid for in full by the U.S. Government. There aren’t too many things that I am proud about in my life but given the opportunity I am more than happy to boast about my tenure in one of the Army’s most historical and elite units: the 82nd Airborne Division.  Strike Hold!

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