What’s New at Evans Library?

by Rebecca Weber

This summer has been a busy one at Evans Library. We’ve made some changes to our spaces as well as our resources.

healthier snacks
Healthier snacks are available on the 2nd floor.
Evans Library Modern Furniture
Evans Library’s modern furniture encourages activity.

Here’s what’s new:

  • The reference materials collection has been integrated with the books on the 4th floor. This left us some room on the 1st floor to create more study spaces. If an item cannot be checked out, it is marked as such.
  • We have some standing tables for those of you who need a change of pace while you study.
  • Group study rooms have been moved to the 3rd floor, and some of the librarians’ offices have been relocated to the 4th floor.  We hope this change makes the 4th Floor Silent Zone an even better place to study.
  • The Service Desk is still your first stop for answers to your questions. If you need to find a book or other resource, or if you have a research question, just ask.
  • A healthy snacks vending machine has been added to the 2nd floor alcove. Get your coconut water here!
  • “Soup of the Day” and other quick meal options are available at the library café.
  • Try our new database, ProQuest Research Companion, for help with how to find, evaluate, and use information.
  • Remember it is okay to write on our whiteboard tables!
  • Check out a projector, some headphones, and many other tech options at the Service Desk.
Our Service Desk is your one-stop spot!
Our Service Desk is your one-stop spot!
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