Faculty and Staff Earn Development Grants

MELBOURNE, FLA.—Eleven Florida Institute of Technology faculty and staff members have been awarded Faculty Professional Development Grants ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 each for nine technology and student support proposals.

Each year, Florida Tech’s Academic Information Technology Committee (ACITC) grants program provides opportunities for Florida Tech faculty and staff to enrich their teaching and professional development through participation in technology-related projects and travel. The 2012 recipients are:

Alison Betz, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts:
“Using Video Modeling Presentations for Clients, Staff and Caregivers”

Ismael Cremer, College of Aeronautics: “Integrating New Technology in the Aviation Classroom”

Richard Griffith, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts: “Video Conferencing Suite: A Tool for Cross-Cultural Communication and Collaboration”

Kevin Johnson, College of Engineering: “Castaway CTD: Practical Oceanography for Undergraduate Courses”

Diane Newman, Evans Library: “Creating Metadata for the General J. Bruce Medaris Collection”

Rose Petralia and Kathy Turner, Evans Library: “National Report of Impacts of Research Instruction on Individual Undergraduate Information Literacy”

Prasanta Sahoo, College of Engineering: “Development of Resistance Prediction Programs for High-Speed Marine Vehicles”

Andy Stanfield, Information Technology: “Creating a Reusable Video Repository”

Kurt Winkelmann, College of Science, and Jim Brenner, College of Engineering: “Creating Video Lab Manuals for General Chemistry and Nanotechnology Laboratory Courses.

Recipients were primarily selected for the degree of integration of technology-based instructional materials, project innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration and student participation. The awarded grants represent a diverse constituency across all academic programs.

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