HCI-Aero 2014

The next International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction in Aerospace (HCI-Aero 2014) will be held at the NASA Ames Conference Center, California, on July 30th – August 1st, 2014 (http://research.fit.edu/hci-aero/HCI-Aero2014/Home.html).

The purpose of HCI-Aero 2014 is to highlight research and advancements in automation integration and function allocation in airspace operations. Integrating innovative aerospace technologies enables new ways of allocating functions between humans and automation in flight and ground operations. The purpose of integrating more powerful automation ranges from achieving safety and efficiency benefits for near-term operations to transforming the transportation system towards reaching otherwise unrealizable capacity and efficiency targets in the far-term.  Proper allocation and integration of automated and human functions in the air and on the ground is at the forefront of effective utilization of all available resources and ultimately drives success or failure.

HCI-Aero 2014 will take place in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the birthplace – and last resting place – of many innovative ideas.  In this setting, the conference intends to inspire researchers and practitioners to engage in a dialogue on how functions, roles and responsibilities of air traffic personnel, flight operators, flight crews, airborne and ground-based technologies can be reshaped to meet the near and mid-term goals set out by NextGen and SESAR and to transform the air transportation system beyond the mid-term.

HCI-Aero 2014 will continue the discussion of transitioning science to reality which was the theme of HCI-Aero 2012 in Brussels. We also invite papers on visionary and transformational ideas and “out-of –the-box” thinking that can move air, space and ground operations in new directions. Automation integration and function allocation are primary issues in air traffic and space operations. Therefore, we encourage the dialogue between aeronautics and space research that was initiated at the HCI-Aero 2010 in Cape Canaveral.

HCI-Aero  2014  will  bring  together  manufacturers,  operators,  government,  research  establishments  and  academia  to focus  on  improving  the efficiency of the airspace system without jeopardizing safety. The current economic environment puts additional pressure on all of us to make aerospace operations more efficient and affordable. We  invite  researchers  and  practitioners to  present  innovative  methods,  techniques,  tools  and  technology that can lead the way.  This includes laboratory research and field investigations, industrial developments and perspectives. While the primary focus is on automation integration and function allocation we will consider papers on a wide range of topics including design, evaluation, certification & rule-making, training, maintenance,   in-service  experience  and incident/accident investigation.

General Co-Chairs: Christopher Johnson (University of Glasgow) and Thomas Prevot (NASA Ames)

Program Chair: Guy A. Boy (Florida Institute of Technology & NASA KSC)

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