Inside the Huddle with Doug Heath

By Doug Heath
So., Full Back, 6-0, 195
Astronaut HS (Titusville, Fla.)
Forensic Psychology

Being part of an inaugural team is the opportunity of a lifetime. I get a lot of experience as a leader to the younger guys. Although I may fall short sometimes, I’m learning as we grow. We as a team create traditions and are the stepping stones for the years to come. It’s not just the team that encompasses this transition from nothing to something. The coaches are right here with us along the way, applying discipline and rewards for behavior. I feel like I’m part of something special, and I’m being given the opportunity to turn a dream into a reality. Two years ago there were zero football players at this school and today we have around 100. I have a 100 more brothers around me and a few more father figures in my life. I’ve truly been blessed. Panther born, panther bred, panther pride, until I’m dead!

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