Stephanie Joy Named March MVP

Stephanie Joy, student services coordinator, has been named Florida Tech’s Most Valuable Panther for March.

In announcing the award, the Office of Human Resources said:

“Ms. Joy’s dedicated service to the university community (students, faculty, and staff on/off-campus) is nearing two decades of full-time employment. Ms. Joy embodies the MVP qualities of: Service, Quality, and Extending Beyond the Standards Expected to the full participation as a committed “Panther for Life” and organizational citizen. Here are but a few specific examples of how Ms. Joy has extended herself beyond the expected job requirements to elevate total mission commitment:

1) Ms. Joy first listens and then investigates complex issues involving students, faculty, and/or staff (on/off-campus). Ms. Joy thoroughly explores issues for problem resolution whether technical, organizational, or individual. She fully coordinates responses to resolve issues within her area of student support and follows-up to ensure the matter is satisfactorily resolved. When a student reports that they are unable to register for classes the sources of the problem could be many (technical, organizational, policy, etc.). A frustrated student just wants resolution to their “issue” and not to be handed off from one department to another. We are all Florida Tech and should represent such to students, faculty, staff, and others as well (parents, alumni, stakeholders/suppliers, etc.).

2) Ms. Joy has intervened to resolve complicated student billing/payment issues and remains in contact with the affected students until a positive resolution has been attained and communicated. Removing administrative road blocks to student progress is often neither simple nor without time-consuming investigation and compliance reporting. Ms. Joy puts the student, faculty member, or co-worker ahead of her regular/routine work priorities to get all involved working collaboratively to achieve a positive outcome to all involved.

3) Ms. Joy has been a volunteer member of the Staff Advisory Committee and has given of her time and talents to support both on-campus and off-campus events and celebrations with ideas, suggestions, and marketing and publicity (Facebook and other social media). She has served as the editor of the “off-campus” Facebook Pages and has contributed to the maintenance of the traditional departmental web pages and blogs. Ms. Joy embodies what it means to be an excellent corporate (team) citizen and a Most Valuable Panther!”

The MVP program recognizes faculty and staff who embody the university’s standards for innovation as demonstrated by their excellence and quality of service.

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