Institute for Cross Cultural Management Presents the 2012 Trailblazer Awards

Pictured: William Gabrenya & the ICCM 2012 Trailblazer Award

In the history of cultural exchanges many people point to the Silk Road, which is remembered as the origins of international trade.  But nobody recalls who laid the first stone.  We have accomplished a lot this year at the Institute, and often when you get wrapped up in accomplishments you forget about the personal sacrifice it took to get there.  It is easy to see things, and forget that it takes people to build  roads and good teams to build bridges. At ICCM we won’t forget those people who have helped us make those great strides.  We want to remember those who laid the first stones.  To do that we annually present the ICCM Trailblazer award to individuals who led the way in researching culture and developing the global skills of professionals and organizations.  This year we presented the Trailblazer Award to Beth Gitlin, Co-chair of the steering committee and Dr. William Gabrenya who is a senior research scientist.  Both Beth and Bill exemplify the values of the Institute and have been instrumental in clearing the first “section of road” as we continue to build a world class applied research institute.  Many thanks to Beth and Bill who set the standard for the ICCM Trailblazers who will follow.

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