Notable Forensic Alumni Dr. Joseph Cirigliano

Dr. Joseph Cirigliano, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology – Forensic Emphasis 2017

Licensed Psychologist, Manhattan Family Court.

Dr. Cirigliano is currently conducting forensic evaluations and testifying for the Manhattan Family Court. His most interesting job after graduation was at Sing Sing, a maximum security prison in New York. “For all the years I have worked with psychosis, those were the most psychotic and dangerous patients I have ever had the pleasure to treat. I was the primary clinician for a psychotic patient who believed he was an employee for the UN, and had a ‘license to kill.’ Whether you prefer forensic evaluation or treatment, understanding psychosis from a treatment standpoint is invaluable in diagnostic clarification and questions of competency or risk. I pull on my inpatient experience every day, and am very secure in my knowledge that I have encountered true psychosis and serious mental illness, and there is no level of risk that can intimidate me at this point.”

At FIT he valued his applied experiences. “Work on the Forensic Research Team with Dr. Costopoulos was invaluable. Also my outside employment and pratica and Circles of Care. Circles offers the opportunity to work in a secure setting, conduct brief therapy, group therapy, and conduct psychodiagnostic evaluations. Sitting down with the research team and reviewing sexual predator cases with Dr. Costopoulos, working as a TA for Dr. Krishnamurthy’s assessment labs. That is where learning starts to transfer from the book to real life.”

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