Researcher Spotlight: Mark Bush

Mark Bush

Professor of Biological Biological Sciences and Chair of the Conservation Biology and Ecology Program

Mark Bush’s general research focus: Conservation biology, paleoecology, fossil pollen, plant community ecology

Current research funding: $2,420,558

What has you excited about your current research?

For many years we have been working at the nexus of ecology, archaeology and climate change. There are many unanswered questions about the paleoecology of South and Central America, and it’s answering those questions that make me want to come to work every day. In our latest research venture we have taken on a more applied project to support forensic investigations. Best of all, the new work feeds back into our long-term academic research, and helps us to produce better quality data.

Why is it important to conduct research?

Solving riddles, getting completely new insights, and having that sense of discovery is absolutely addictive. It is this excitement that makes a career in academia really fulfilling. At the larger scale, the reputation of the university is a sum of its research. With stronger research we attract more and better students. A stronger research program triggers a snowball effect that is wholly positive.



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