Check Out Our New Ph.D. in Aviation Sciences at Florida Tech

As a Florida Tech master’s student, one thing that I am considering is pursuing my doctoral degree. Whether I decide to do so is a big maybe, but the good news is that I now have the option to consider Florida Tech as a possibility for my Ph.D. Last spring, the College of Aeronautics (COA) submitted a request to offer a brand spanking new Ph.D. in aviation sciences. It is the first program of its kind to be offered by a top-tier university. The faculty in the department is ecstatic about getting this program up and running. This will open the door for students to pursue an advanced degree in a field that aligns with their education and career aspirations.

As a human factors student, this is great news for me. I am aware that my master’s degree is very specialized and now I have the option to work towards a Ph.D. degree and expand my knowledge in the human factors field. The specializations included in the new Ph.D. in aviation sciences program include:

  • Aviation Human Factors
  • Aviation Safety
  • Airport Development and Management
  • Education and Training
  • Organizational Development
  • Operations Research
  • Environmental/Sustainability
  • Meteorology

There are so many different specializations available through this new Ph.D. in aviation sciences program, which means it will cater to a wide variety of potential candidates. The program will be rigorous, but will be very competitive and applicable in the real world. The specialized training would be invaluable to plan a career in the airline industry, doing research or working for the government. If aviation is your calling, definitely check out the new Ph.D. in aviation sciences at Florida Tech.

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