Why Computer Science at Florida Tech


The computer science program at Florida Tech is comprised of many talented and highly achieved professors, many of which have had experience in multinational corporations as well as famous domestic locations such as NASA. The experience they bring gives students an idea of what to expect in the future. In other words, it gives students the chance to know what computer science will be like outside academia. After completing just one year at FIT, I know a lot more about real world computer science applications and it has made me want to study the subject even more. Learning new languages (programming languages that is!) since day one, allows every student to broaden their skills. The professors involved in the curriculum are always there to support your ideas and help guide you towards a better future.
The computer science department is also linked with ACM (Association for Computer Machinery). This is a huge benefit to all computer related majors at FIT and anyone that is interested in any aspect of computer science. Last year, I took part in helping out with the ACM contest that took place on campus. It was an awesome experience, as I got to meet teachers and programmers from other universities who shared their insight on the subject.
As I mentioned in my other post “No Matter Your Major, Research Opportunities Are Available“, research is always available throughout the university for you to be involved in. The computer science department faculty are known for their research — Dr. Menezes working on network sciences or Dr. Bernhard working on cloud based technologies, for example. Most professors (if not all) have also published journals on their work. In fact, Dr. Tilley just published a book on cloud computing called Software Testing in the Cloud: Migration and Execution. I for one am hoping to join Dr. Menezes and or Dr. Bernhard in their research next semester, which is an awesome opportunity for an undergrad.
Why Computer Science at Florida Tech?
The CS department at Florida Tech has the faculty and facilities that bring opportunities to go far in this growing industry.

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