Nurturing Student Success at the Student Business Incubator

The student body at Florida Tech is nothing if not diverse. Diverse in where they call home, in how they came to be at the university and in their interests. That diversity has given rise to the Student Business Incubator, or SBI. The SBI provides expertise and resources to Florida Tech students with business ideas and a desire to take the next steps to making their entrepreneurial dreams reality.

Borderless Collaboration

Student Business Incubator Launches
The SBI has helped launch 20 business in 3 years

The colleges and schools that make up Florida Institute of Technology are home to students studying unique disciplines learning new ideas and innovative concepts. You’ve probably heard the phrase “think outside of the box” more than a few times, at Florida Tech’s Student Business Incubator students are encouraged to think outside of their college. Engineering students with an idea and process-driven business students come together at the Student Business Incubator to form well-rounded teams to pursue their ideas.

Not an engineering or business student? That’s OK the only requirements to take advantage of all the SBI has to offer are a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Scott Benjamin, Ph.D., and other experts help advise to advise and guide all sorts of young businesses and share their experiences in enterprising.

Fostering an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Student Business Incubator Workspace
The SBI provides 2,400 sq. ft. of shared office, meeting and work-space

While helping launch budding businesses is a big part of what the Student Business Incubator does, there’s a little more to it. The SBI encourages the study of entrepreneurship regardless of whether or not you have any interest in starting a business. Ultimately, it is all about problem solving. Whether you’re trying to launch a business or overcome an engineering challenge, the underlying problem solving process may not be so different. Studying entrepreneurship at the SBI lends some valuable perspective to the curious student and can really change the way you look at life’s varied challenges.

Entrepreneurship at a Tech School

One Florida Tech graduate, Andrew Hernandez, was drawn to the SBI by a desire to pursue his business ideas and a curiosity for how to launch them. As an engineer, he needed an introduction to entrepreneurship. Working with the SBI, Andrew learned what it takes to launch a business and how to apply process modeling and problem solving skills from engineering to processes in the business world.

Student Business Incubator Mentors
The mentors at the SBI have over 50 years combined entrepreneurial experience

“Studying entrepreneurship is beneficial to anyone. I think that benefit can be enhanced and complemented by the study of STEM fields. It is actually a desirable combination given the mix of technical expertise and business acumen. You break down a wall that can be very limiting and broaden yourself across the spectrum of what many organizations do. Many of the greatest minds and business leaders are both deeply involved in the development of their products and the growth and development of their businesses.”


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