X-Culture Project: Using Social Networks to Connect to Students Abroad

Guest Blogger: Bonnie Crowe, Business Administration – Management 

The X-culture project is up and running. My team is number 52. There has been six students assigned with the possibility of a seventh to be added. The students in my group come from a variety of locations. New Jersey, India, Turkey, Slovakia and Korea are represented. Four have made contact via email and we have decided to use facebook to begin the communication. I liked that idea because it allows us to see the person we are working with. This was especially helpful in simply determining gender. The names alone were not enough to make that distinction. I sure would not want to offend someone by using “he” when I should have used “she” (and the other way around).

The members that have contacted me have been very friendly and seem excited about the project. I know I am. They are already choosing a company. I like the enthusiasm! It should be a very interesting few weeks. I am glad to be part of it.



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