Evans Library’s Favorite Banned Books: Carrie

by Suzanne Odom, Document Delivery Librarian

Suzanne OdomCarrie, by Stephen King

As a teenager, I discovered the author Stephen King. I was enthralled with the horror genre at the time, and still am to this day. In fact, I have read every King book written. The first of his books I ever read was Carrie, also the first novel he published. The book revolves around Carrie White, the shy teenaged girl who uses her recently discovered telekinetic powers to exact revenge on her tormentors, causing all sorts of havoc at her prom.

Carrie made the American Library Association’s (ALA) list of “The 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990–2000” at number 77. It was considered to be “trash” and could “harm” students especially “younger girls.” Other reasons for being challenged include complaining of “the book’s language,” sexual descriptions, and a “satanic killing” sequence. (Read more at The Censorship of Stephen King.)

As a librarian, freedom of speech is very important to me. I feel that each individual has the right to choose what he or she would like to read. Carrie introduced me to Stephen King. I will never regret reading it.

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