Study Abroad in Oxford England

Florida Tech offers a variety of academic study abroad programs that range in length from several weeks to a full year. The Office of International Programs has established programs
that take students to England, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Argentina, France and the Galapagos Islands, but the staff can help students study just about anywhere they’d like to go. In the past, students have gone to Israel, Australia, Africa and Costa Rica—just to name a few.

By far the most popular study abroad offering is Summer Study Abroad in Oxford, England.

Here’s what our students thought of the experience.

“Last summer I decided to do something exciting and different—to live and study in the beautiful city of Oxford, England. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Oxford is not a quiet town but rather an international city with an active nightlife and great shopping and dining. My experience was greatly enjoyable and I recommend it to any student who is passionate about travel and wants to live in another country without taking themselves too far outside their comfort zone.”
–Nadine Hanafi ’13
“For those wishing to explore Europe, the Florida Tech Oxford experience is the best chance you may every have to do that. If you make the most of your time, you can visit someplace new every weekend, while managing to do well with your studies during the week. This experience is as much about learning
out of the classroom as it is about learning from within a
classroom.” –James Helmberger ’12

If you think that the Oxford Study Abroad program might be for you, read Heather Cudmore’s (Director of Study Abroad Oxford) top ten reasons to be a part of Florida Tech’s Oxford study abroad. Or visit their group page on Facebook to see photos from past trips.

Have you ever studied abroad or would like to?

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