Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Initiates Nearly 100 New Members

The Florida Tech chapter of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi welcomed 98 new members with an initiation ceremony April 19 at Gleason Performing Arts Center.

The new initiates included College of Engineering and Science dean John Harris and College of Aviation dean John Deaton as well as several additional faculty members. The bulk of the initiates were students.

“It is my pleasure to congratulate each and every one of our initiates,” Interim President Robert King said from the stage. “You are joining a remarkable and proud tradition. This is the nation’s oldest and most selective multidisciplinary collegiate honor society.”

PKP acceptance is based on superior scholarship and sound character, professor Michael Splitt, president of the Florida Tech PKP chapter, said in opening remarks.

“Today we celebrate excellence. We are pleased and proud that each person has chosen to become a part of a century-old community of scholars and professionals that includes individuals who have distinguished themselves in positions of leadership in careers that have been characterized by achievement,” he said.

PKP members have served the White House and Congress and on the U.S. Supreme Court, Splitt said. They have won Nobel Prizes and Pulitzer Prizes. Florida Tech chapter members have made their own marks around the world, with members in every state but Wyoming and dozens of countries, including Australia, Japan, Ireland, Norway, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.

The Florida Tech chapter was chartered in 2009 with 14 members. It has grown to include more than 2,770 now, not including 2023’s initiates.

Here they are:

Florida Tech PKP faculty and professional staff initiates

John Deaton

John Harris

Nasri Nesnas

Suzanne Odom

Don Platt

Florida Tech PKP student member initiates

Lucas Adent

Anas Alddarwish

Maria Alshehari

Fernando Amador

Jay Arcemont

Robbin Awn

Christina Banbury

Giacomo Bandini

Carl Bennett

Lucia Bernal

Christopher Bieszk

Michelle Boutron

Stephen Cardone

Kelly Carmer

Ian Carrero

James Caudle

Zara Chaudary

Jiangduo Chen

Nicholas Cintas

Alexandra Cleveland

Evan Clise

Marcus Cote

Adam Ctverak

Emma Dascensio

Tim Deck

Lucy Devin McCaig

Angela Dominici

Josseanne Duarte

Delphine Dubois

Brendan Dunford

Sara Durm

Paulina Fiebig

Jacqueline Figueredo

Alexis Fontana

Julia Fritz

Diana Garcia Bustamante

Pietro Giacalone

April Hamlin

Yanna Harzold

Becky Hawkins

Ramone Hemphill

Eunseo Heo

Matthew Hodge

Madison Holdredge

Julie James

Kelsey Kaht

Katherine Kalucki

Bhaskardeep Khaund

Liesl King

Kiara Kodikara

Marissa Krause

Rachel Lange

Gemma Lee

Aaron Lesseski

Kelsey Malek

Allee Mello

LeighAnn Milinich

Claudene Milner

Memphis Moye

Chris Nazri

Leah Nepo

Amanda Rose Newton

Alexa Nickens

Maria Orozco

Giorgia Palmieri

Alissa Pfennig

Jonathan Pollison

Rina Ponton

Rebecca Racz

Susan Rada

Michael Radzicki

Abhro Rahman

Brittany Rhodes

Illycia Rhule

Carolyn Rivera

Ramon Rodriguez

Angela Salonen

Timothy Schuler

Christina Sheppard

Hilary Smith

Christopher Stratis

Amanda Taylor

McKenna Taylor

Makenzie Wells
Amber Wengert

Madisyn Williams

Jason Willis

Jennifer Wright

Scott Zajac

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