Pursuing a Degree in Psychology? Here Are 8 Concentrations to Consider

There are several career paths you can take with a degree in psychology.

Psychology is a broad major—the study of human and even animal behavior. When students pursue a degree in psychology, it is beneficial to concentrate on one area of the discipline to prepare for a particular career path within the field.

degree in psychology
Counseling is only one of many concentrations for a psychology major.

Here are some concentrations within psychology that students may want to consider.

1. Animal behavior.

Learning the biological basis of behavior requires a background in biology and behavior analysis and standard cross-species training methods that can lead to a job in animal training, husbandry or public education—everything from working as a zookeeper to teaching animal obedience classes is possible with this degree in psychology.

2. Applied behavioral analysis.

Although one branch of this concentration involves analyzing consumer behavior for companies to inform their marketing decisions, the more popular branch involves working with children and adults with autism, developmental delays and mental illness in therapeutic settings to help them function in society and live productive lives.

3. Clinical psychology.

Probably the most commonly thought-of area of psychology, this concentration leads psychology graduates to a career in counseling, including assessments for mental health and substance abuse disorders and private therapy practices. While some jobs for clinical psychologists are available with a bachelor’s degree, many jobs require advanced degrees.

4. Forensic psychology.

Forensic psychology is the study of the psychology behind crime scenes and criminal activity. Students will study criminal justice as well as psychology and techniques for collecting, preserving, and analyzing evidence of crimes. Students may work with law enforcement or with the legal side of the criminal justice system.

Psychology majors can help with treatment for those with various mental health disorders and challenges.

5. Industrial/Organizational psychology.

This concentration prepares students for a career in business, such as human resources management, management, or business law. Students who earn an industrial/organizational psychology degree can give businesses and organizations an understanding of what motivates employees and how to help them improve and maximize performance using psychological principles and techniques.

6. Neuropsychology.

Neuropsychology, the study of the interaction between the brain and behavior as pertaining to illnesses or injuries, takes place mostly within laboratory settings with research and safe experimentation.

7. Social/cultural psychology.

The big picture of the human condition is the basis of a social/cultural psychology degree, which can lead to a career in international consulting, government, training, or research. Law school is also a possibility for students who pursue this degree.

8. Sports psychology.

This psychology degree deals with motivating and helping athletes maximize sports performance or overcome difficulties in their sports careers. Courses in leadership, physiology, and group behavior will help prepare students for possible careers including coaching, training, and consulting.

Florida Tech offers the above concentrations within our psychology major along with the option to get a bachelor of arts (for clinical and hands-on careers) or bachelor of science (more research-minded) degree to fit your specific needs. The program is fully APA accredited and operates a number of clinics that give students internship and research opportunities as they study. Learn more about our psychology program today!


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