Students test remotely controlled underwater vehicles

by Dr. Stephen Wood, Ocean Engineering Professor –

Project ROSCo The Remotely Operated Sea Crawler (R.O.S.C.o) is the new underwater vehicle concept in development at  Florida Tech. R.O.S.C.o is a high-powered remotely-operated vehicle with the ability to take on a wide range of underwater excavation projects. R.O.S.C.o’s underwater capabilities include the removal of waste equivalent in weight to a full 55-gallon drum and the recovery of lost valuables. R.O.S.C.o will be operational in a variety of terrain in coastal waters at depths up to 300 feet. With the addition of instrumentation, it will also be capable of surveying and profiling.

Key Words: Ocean Engineering, intelligent systems, autonomous underwater vehicles, AUV, remotely operated vehicles, ROV, marine field projects, engineering design showcase.












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